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To encourage and inspire women to discover their inner strength to successfully transition through life with confidence by means of coaching, empowering, planning.



To see women identify and embrace their true identity and evolve into who they were destined to become.



As a catalyst for helping women transition to their next, we…

  • Offer uniquely designed one-on-one coaching

  • Offer group coaching

  • Facilitate empowerment sessions

  • Host conferences

  • Advocate for women’s health and wellness

  • Establish partnerships to make available additional resources outside of our scope​


As IAmShe Inc. continues to expand its model to include temporary residency to women in transition, we also provide mobile housing services that include move-in and other household expenses. 


If you would like to help us continue our mission to support women in transition or give to our transition home project, please feel free to make a charitable donation to our organization.

*All donations are tax deductible



In 2017 my whole life began to crumble. My  23 year marriage ended along with a series of other things that followed including being separated from my children due to an electrical fire and losing my job. I could afford to pay the rent, but where was I going to get the downpayment? 


Can you imagine helping people to get housing daily, but being unable to get help for yourself. As a mother, what I felt was unbelievable. IAmShe, Inc. came to my rescue. Nikita McKenzie reached out and as she spoke to me on the phone the tears fell from eyes like a thunderstorm. It was a shock that someone saw us and wanted to help us. I prayed for God’s help and He sent IAmShe to my rescue. IAmShe has blessed our lives richly and I could not be more thankful. I cannot wait to be able to donate what was given to my family to help another through this amazing organization.  It was simply amazing and we are blessed. 


There are times in life when things just seem to be unattainable.  Then you will begin looking for help and when you put pride aside wonderful things can happen.

~ Kaye Giles

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