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Through uniquely designed coaching and consulting service offerings, IAmShe will become a catalyst for helping you successfully transition through life, relationships, and nonprofit organization development with confidence . 

"My journey as a teenage mother taught me that I get to decide what happens next. It was through this experience that I learned that circumstances do not define you, but it is how you respond to your circumstances that matters most. It was through this and other transitions that I learned that I AM and can be whatever I say! Today, I can confidently say that I Am Someone He Empowered to inspire and support women as they transition through life. "#IAmShe 


One On One Coaching

The one-on-one coaching programs are purposed to help you gain clarity on where you are, transform the way you see yourself, and discover your inner strength to transition from where you are to where you want to be.

Programs will include.

  • A 90 minute discovery session

  • Weekly 60 minute sessions

  • Self-care and affirmation exercises

  • Coaching Empowerment Kit


8 Week Empowerment Program

This program will focus on inner exploration to help you identify who you are and discover the inner strength to transform your thoughts and behaviors. You will gain clarity on where you are in life and  where you desire to be. You will be able to see it before you see it so that you can confidently pursue it and be empowered to become it. You will be equipped for a successful transition.

12 Week Transitional Program

This program will not only focus on inner exploration, discovery, and transformation, but it will also be solution-focused through strategic development and transition planning.  At the conclusion of this program, you will have a clear understanding of who you are, where you are and the power in planning for a successful transition. You will have the confidence to execute a clear plan of transition and be empowered  to achieve your desired goal. 

5 Week Master Class

*Group Coaching Session*

This program will be structured in a group setting designed to provide community support and build an empowerment network between like minded people within the IAmShe tribe. It will include a weekly 90 minute masterclass with 5 - 15 minute hot seat coaching exercises. VIP membership will also be available for those who desire additional coaching time. 

Empowerment Hour

This session is for individuals who require expert advice on a plan of action or can be used as a follow-up consultation for clients who have successfully completed one of our coaching programs.

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