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Coaching. Empowering. Planning

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Through uniquely designed service offerings, IAmShe will become a catalyst for helping you successfully transition with confidence. The programs will challenge the way you think, help you identify who you are, and facilitate the transformation of how you see yourself and the circumstances around you. You will be supported through the process of discovery and in the development of a plan to get to YOUR next. You will be empowered to become…

Three-Month Transitional Program 

60-minute individual solution-focused coaching sessions to help empower and equip individuals for successful transition through strategic plan development. Program includes a complimentary IAmShe Journal and Planner.

21-Day Power Transition Program

21 consecutive 30-minute individual coaching sessions to help reshape thoughts, behaviors and encourage daily affirmations to help build confidence for successful transition. Program includes a complimentary IAmShe Journal.

Hourly Retainer Package

60-minute client check-in sessions for individuals who have completed one of the coaching programs offered. 

Group Coaching Sessions are also available upon request.

All prospective clients will receive a complimentary 20-minute session to assess their coaching needs. After which, they will receive a proposal for the recommended program, associated fees and payment options. Upon commitment to a coaching program, clients will receive a 90-minute intake session.

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