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Just want you to know I love u dearly and have only grown to love u more deeply these last months. U are truly a friend with all the benefits possible. Please know that without ur persistence nagging overbearing spiritual love and nurturance Sheila would not have made it this far. I truly truly truly thank God for you. I really do. And I am ever so proud of the woman who has walked and entered and permeated into her PURPOSE!! Luv u forever.

Hi Nikita - I recently signed into FB after mos and noticed your posting! My God! Talk about walking into YOUR PURPOSE! Not only am I proud but excited for you and wouldn't have expected anything less. I think back when I was going thru my personal in my life how you'd tell me to come to your desk and were more than a shoulder to cry on, rather a shelter in troubled times. Continue your Virtuousness! Blessings ~Ron~

IAmShe is fantastic. In my time of need they were there for me and my family. They support me through one of the hardest times in my life. I would like to thank them from the bottom of my heart. I definitely recommend them to anyone. They really are there to help an any way possible. Thank you again. ~Brandi Lindsey~

My family was recipients of IAmShe, Inc. this Christmas. When I reached out I just wanted my kids to have a Christmas. This year was horrible, me one place and my kids another. My son accidentally shot, it has been a lot. I won't tell it all but I am grateful to God they said we will help you. We spent Christmas in a hotel. It was amazing and I got to be with my kids. They got what they wished for and I am grateful. If you can please become a donor to this organization do it. They're helping families stay together.

Thank you to Lady Nikita and her beautiful Board of Trustees. ~Kaye Giles~

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